Accessibility and information for your visit

The museum's parking space is located on Gallen-Kallelan tie outside the museum. From the parking space, the museum building is accessed uphill along a sandy road.

The museum area includes a café in a wooden villa, an artist studio castle that serves as a museum building and a traditional Finnish smoke sauna.

The road leading to the museum site is emergency access road and no parking is allowed. So please leave your vehicle in the parking space or on the roadside.

You are allowed to drive persons with reduced mobility to the museum area.

Parking with a disabled parking permit is permitted in the parking space next to the cafeteria building. For safety reasons, parking is not permitted elsewhere in the courtyard without a special permit.

Access to the museum is via a fixed ramp with a handrail. There is a threshold at the outer door.

The museum has portable ramps to allow wheelchair access. It is possible to open the doors wider. Please let us know if you need assistance. You can either call us (+358 10 406 88 40) or ring the door bell by the main entrance.

There are a few low thresholds inside the museum. There is also a handrail-free ramp from the sculpture room to the gallery.

There are chairs for resting in the exhibition rooms.

Please note that there is a steep staircase to the tower floors, without a handrail. There are almost 60 stone stairs to the top of the tower.

The exhibits on the upper floor can be accessed via folders on the ground floor. The rooms on the upper floors can be accessed virtually. For a virtual tour of the house, click here.

The museum offers an audio guide that you can listen to on your smartphone. Paper guides to the house are also available in the exhibition space. The house guides tell you about the history of the building and the life of Akseli Gallen-Kallen and his family in Tarvaspää. Click here to access the audio guide.

Information on the history of the museum building and Akseli Gallen-Kallela is also available in Finnish Braille.

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the museum. Other pets are not welcome in the museum building for reasons of artwork and customer safety.

People with small children may borrow a baby carrier.

The museum's toilets are located in the lobby of the café in the wooden villa.

There are three stairs and a narrow, handrailed ramp to the café building. Dogs are welcome in the café and on its terrace. Accessibility improvements to the café building are planned for 2024.

Gallen-Kallela Museum

Designed and built by artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931), the Tarvaspää Studio Castle presents temporary exhibitions of the art and life of Gallen-Kallela and his contemporaries, as well as contemporary art. The museum offers a wide range of activities and events and serves as a centre of information on Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

Welcome to meet Akseli Gallen-Kallela, an artist who is both familiar and unknown!

Coffee & culture

Cafe Zoceria Tarvaspää